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Kumite Training

Photo from Kumite Training

This Sunday (10th September 2017) there will be Kumite training at Hawarden. 11:00-12:00 is for all grades 12:00-13:15 is Dan grades only Please make sure that you have your mitts and gum shields with you.  

New Dan Grades!!

Photo from New Dan Grades!!

Congratulations to our three new dan grades. Noel Clarke, Mike Hutchinson and Claire Phillips have all recently taken part in a dan grading where they were all successful in obtaining Shodan. This was not an easy process and all were extremely proud to attain the grade. Congratulations from all at the CSKA!! Photo to follow

New Members Welcome

Photo from New Members Welcome

Ever fancied having a go at Karate? Well we are about to run an 8 week starter course… ALL are welcome.

Whether you used to do Karate as a youngster or have never done it before or just fancy having a go… Come and see us at Hawarden High school or Llanbedr DC Village Hall. Classes at Hawarden High are: Children’s classes are Tuesdays and Thursday 18:30 – 19:30. Adult... 

Summer League 2016

Photo from Summer League 2016

This year saw CSKA’s first summer league where students took part in a number of events. The aim was team building and developing students in both general karate ability as well as life skills. Here are some of the photo’s following the event. As you will see a fun time was had by all

New Junior Dan Grades

Photo from New Junior Dan Grades

Congratulations to our new Junior Dan Grades They took part in a Black belt grading recently and were successful. Pictured with Sensei’s Ian Smith, Dave Scregg and Colin Evans. Congratulations to all

Phil Strikes Again

Photo from Phil Strikes Again

Saturday 27th February was the 2nd of what has become a National JSKA UK Championships. The CSKA were represented at the event by Phil Manning who competed in individual kata and kumite and also team events. As we have grown to expect, Phil put on an excellent performance and achieved: 1st Place – Kumite

2nd Place – Kata

2nd Place – Team Kata He was also awarded... 

KWF Mastercamp – Paris – May 2016

Photo from KWF Mastercamp – Paris – May 2016

Members of the CSKA have been invited to attend the KWF Paris Mastercamp that will be held during the Whitsun weekend, on the 14th & 15th of May 2016. This international seminar will be open to all traditional karate-ka. By attending, you will have the chance and the opportunity to train under the direction of the legendary master Mikio YAHARA, who will be assisted by sensei Masamichi... 

‘What’s on’ January & February 2016

Photo from ‘What’s on’ January & February 2016

We have been invited to attend at the JSKA UK Championships. Those wishing to attend, please see your club instructor!!

NEW Photo’s added

Photo from NEW Photo’s added

Photo’s of Hawarden awards and the adult party night have been added. Hawarden Awards Photo’s    

‘What’s on’ December 2015

Photo from ‘What’s on’ December 2015

5th December – Takeshi Kitagawa 6th Dan – Tallaght Leisure Centre – Dublin, Ireland

Sunday 13th – Gladiators @ Hawarden High School Lots of fun activities for all junior members with prizes!! Any adults willing to help out, please see the Club Instructors!!   12th & 13th December – Richard Amos 7th Dan & Scott Langley 6th Dan GL1 Leisure Centre –...