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Junior Instructor

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Congratulations to one of our junior members who has been selected to become an assistant junior instructor. This achievement has been obtained by displaying an excellent understanding of the technical aspects of karate and the ability to assist others in applying it. This is the first ever junior member of the CSKA that has been given this title prior to obtaining Black belt (Shodan). It is hoped... 

April 2013 Grading

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Congratulations to all who graded on Thursday 25th April 2013. Tonight saw the first grading for our new adult members. An extremely impressive performance which resulted in them all obtaining their first coloured belt!! Well done from all of the technical committee and best of luck for your future training!!     Also, there was a junior grading where one of our members was successful at... 

Mailing List

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A display with a difference

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This year’s Gladiators was well attended and I believe that everyone had a fantastic time, even the mothers. There were assault courses and numerous other games, which will be built on, in readiness for next year’s event. Competitors came from Hawarden Dojo, Llanbedr DC Dojo and guests from Wrexham Dojo. There were lots of giveaways and prizes that were won!! This year also saw a demonstration... 

November Open Course

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Pictured: Those that lasted until the end!! The CSKA hosted an open course at the Hawarden Dojo. The course concentrated on kata and kumite. It was a chance for students to learn new kata or try out some kumite with a difference. The course was extremely well attended and some people travelled from as far as York to attend. We would like to thank everyone that attended for your support, especially... 

Open Course – This Sunday

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A date for your diary!! A must for any considering grading in the near future!! Sunday 18th November 2012 will be an open course at the Hawarden Dojo (Hawarden High School). It will start at 10:45 until 14:00 It will be taken by CSKA’s main instructors and also other guest instructors.   It will focus on all aspects of Shotokan Karate enabling student’s to gain a greater knowledge... 

Llanbedr Grading

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Last night (Wednesday 7th November 2012) was the junior grading at CSKA’s Llanbedr DC Dojo. In total, 9 students graded. They all put on a good display of what they had been practicing since their last grading. It was also very good to see Roan Jones and Isabella Warburton who have been with the club since it opened in September 2010 achieve their Brown Belts (3rd Kyu). They were both able... 

Callum Achieves his 1st Dan

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Sunday 4th November 2012 Today was a technical seminar at Hawarden Dojo. The technical committee put everyone through their paces practicing all aspects of Shotokan Karate. This was a hard physical session which was welcomed by all. Following the session was a dan grading (black belt) for junior members. Callum Porter was successful in obtaining his shodan (1st dan) making him the most recent junior... 

New Squad Jackets for 2013

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Last night Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy unveiled their New Squad Jackets for 2013. These will be worn by members of the CSKA who compete or attend demonstrations representing the club. The jackets were kindly sponsored by AeroCare International Ltd. Pictured: Kevin Waud – Sales & Commercial Director for AeroCare International Ltd with members of the CSKA Hawarden Dojo trying out the new... 

A message from Stu Needham

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I would like to express my thanks to all of those that nominated me for Denbighshire Coach of the Year 2012. Unfortunately I did not win the award but to be nominated and to get through to the final three was a great honour in itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank students, fellow karate-ka and parents for their continued support, not only for myself but also the CSKA. Many parents...